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Dec 15 2007

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Last night I sat on the patio with my Dad reminiscing about Christmases past. I listened as he recalled days of sledding, skating, and Christmas Parades with Santa and his sleigh actually stopping in front of our house on Christmas Eve! One story leading to another and another.

Having my parents living with me during the autumn of their lives has been both an enlightening and wonderful experience for me. My parents are part of my memories as well as keepers of my memories. As we discuss different events of my childhood, differences in perceptions and recollections are almost always revealed. How could they not be different?

Listening to my parents recall events from the years they were raising their family, me and my seven siblings, has brought a whole new enrichment to my life.

For example, I remember the big 3-day blackout in the 60’s as being a great adventure for me and my sister as we waited for Dad to ‘rescue’ us in the eves of the 3rd floor in our house. To this day that house is still my favorite. The house itself was huge! It had a full basement, 2 floors and a finished attic. It had tons of cubby holes and hiding places. We even discovered a ’secret room’ in the attic which could only be accessed from the kitchen pantry. We wondered endlessly what purpose that room was intended for, and why it was hidden. The house also had 4 fireplaces, a library, a basement toilet that flushed up and a gigantic framed window overlooking the bay and the Boston skyline. For a time, we had three generations living in that house.

My Dad remembers that the house was painted all one dark dreary grey color so that it looked like a haunted house and that he dreaded the thought of repainting it, and that he had serious issues with the furnaces and trouble keeping the house heated. He told me some of the history of the house, recalling old photographs of young girls in parasols on the front lawn at the turn of the century, that it was once a hotel affiliated with the yacht club.

What we agreed on is that the times we shared in that house were wonderful. It was simply marvelous!

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