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Dec 18 2007

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Pastor’s Cat

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Barbara Gregg tells us the Christmas story of the “pastor’s cat.”

“Seems just before Christmas, a pastor’s kitten had climbed up into a tree and was afraid to come down. He tried to coax it down with food and warm milk, but, no dice. The tree was too frail to climb, so the pastor decided to rope it and pull it down closer with his car, thinking the cat would jump off when it neared the ground. But, as he moved the car forward, the rope snapped, the tree went ‘boing,’ and the kitten sailed out of sight. The pastor felt terrible, but figured the Lord would care for it somehow.

“A few days later, he was in the supermarket, when he came upon one of his parishioners, who hated cats, with a basketful of cat food. Being curious, he asked her why she was buying cat food when she disliked cats so much. She said, ‘You won’t believe this, but my little girl had been begging me for a cat for Christmas, so I told her if God wants her to have a cat, I would let her keep it. I watched her go into our yard, kneel down, and pray for a kitty. No sooner had she finished, a kitten flew out of the sky and landed in front of her. I know, Pastor, because I was there when it happened.’

‘Amen,’ smiled the pastor knowingly, as he thanked God for the ‘Christmas gift.’”


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