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Nov 18 2007

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Not Neutral on Neutering Pets

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I will never understand why pet owners do not neuter their pets. Please, don’t say they can’t afford it. While I realize that deciding to have a pet is not the same as deciding to have children, I do think that you have to make a serious commitment for their safety, well being and happiness. If you can’t afford to meet all of their needs and a few of their wants, please, don’t take the animal home. If you don’t have the time to spend with the animal, much as you would any member of the family, please, leave them at the shelter for someone who can and will.

I have 2 cats; both male, both neutered. About a year and a half ago I moved from a large city to a much smaller city in another state. One of the prerequisites I gave to my Realtor was that I very much wanted a nice, quiet “tree-sy” neighborhood with a yard with at least half an acre so that I could let my cats out once in a while to enjoy the fresh air.

My cats just love the yard, but having been indoor cats for so long they are now ”scaredy-cats”, sticking to the perimeter of the house, venturing out only far enough to see if a squirrel may miraculously fall from the trees and land in front of them. They will lay under that tree, literally for hours, just waiting. However, all it takes is a single noise and they are through that cat flap before you have figured out what spooked them.

In the last week one of my cats has been attacked twice. Both instances happened in my yard. The attacker is an older, larger un-neutered male. My cat now has 2 puncture wounds, one of which my vet tells me may yet abscess. A visit to the vet, a shot of steroids and amoxicillan = $100. This is my third visit to the vet this year directly because of this “menace” cat. Let me be clear about this, while I call him “menace” cat I do not blame the cat. We do not know where this “menace” cat lives, but someone feeds him and he is wearing a red collar.

As of yesterday’s attack my cats are again indoor cats. Despite the fact that I have a lovely fenced yard for them, I will have to build them a screen porch. I have an obligation to keep them safe.

A neighbor has obtained a trap from Animal Control, but so far he has only been able to trap a sweet old kitty from next door (sweet old kitty is neutered). I have already told my vet – if we do ever catch that “menace” cat – I will pay to have him neutered. Neutering him will help to reduce his desire to be dominant-aggressive, but it will not “fix” him. He has learned behaviors that the surgery will not change.

Spaying or Neutering is good for you, good for your pet and good for your community.

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