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Mar 22 2008

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Photo Hunt: Metal

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This week’s Photo Hunt is Metal.

We just picked up this 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe!


It’s got lots of metal, doesn’t it? Actually, it has more metal than most cars built nowadays.


Years ago, way back in 1971, I had a 1965 Ford Mustang. A Convertible. Baby Blue. 4 on the floor. Leaf Springs and a very heavy clutch. Oh, man, it was the best!


I helped Mr. X refurbish it in his Grandmother’s heated garage over the winter up in Massachusetts. Brrr. We were still in high school. It was a lot of work, but very enjoyable and gratifying! We drove it to my Prom. We drove it on our Honeymoon. It was just the most awesome car!! It was stolen in the late 70’s.


When this Beauty came up for sale, I thought I might enjoy refurbishing another one, and so one day, the flat bed arrived!


And we took a closer look. Considering that it’s 42 years old, and considering that it needed very little coaxing to start up and run, it’s not in bad shape at all!


But considering that I am not in high school anymore, we’ve decided to re-sell it to someone who not only appreciates the beauty of the Mustang, but also has the energy and stamina that it will require to return this baby back to its’ formery glory and beauty!

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