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Dec 09 2007

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Chaos Theory

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Well, another week ends. Another list of ‘did not do’, and another list of ‘did, but wasn’t expecting to do’. As I have so often said,

It is good to have a plan, just be prepared to modify it

This weekend I did not accomplish a single of my major goals. A few minor changes which I made to my business web site changed the course of the weekend entirely. What should have taken 15 minutes has, so far, taken 20 hours and I’m not done ‘undoing’. Good grief.

The upside is that my error has revealed a new avenue of income. I’m never ashamed to admit an error because there is always a lesson to be learned. One could argue that mistakes are the greatest teachers. A lesson learned the hard way is nonetheless learned.

So, at the end of the day I am weary, but wiser. A nice glass of Chianti is in order! Then I’m off to sleep. It was a good week.


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