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Nov 27 2007

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Cat Rules

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We’re all up early this morning. In fact, MotherDear was up shortly after I put on the coffee – about 4:15ish. She will be napping today, no doubt about it.

Girls, today is that Glorious day – I awoke to discover that it’s the day after Mr. X’s birthday. Apparently, I have finally been divorced long enough that these milestones no longer register to me. I don’t know what they call that in psycho-babble, but I’m sure they have a name for it.

The decorations are down from the attic, a step in the right direction! Lots of the neighbors already have lights on. I feel like the grinch. The darkest house on the block.

This morning, as I opened my mouth to take my first sip of coffee, MotherDear, all in one breath, informed me that she is going to have to have Dad tie down her little tree because Grayson has already nearly knocked it over several times and it’s not even decorated yet and what do I think of taking some books to stack around it to block him…. Oh good, more stuff on the little table piled up for him to knock over… I didn’t say that out loud.

Speaking of pain-in-the-butt cute little cat ‘things’, we now have another mandatory precautionary measure that must be implemented prior to performing some mundane task. We now must do a ‘visual check to confirm that the cats are not up on the garage door rails, or door itself, before we can hit the button to open or close the garage door’. Call me crazy – but I prefer their fur, blood and guts to be on the inside. This new cat-ritual comes directly on the heels of the ‘we now have to lock the freezer door every time it is closed, after making sure the cats aren’t in it’ rule. The other night I had a dream that one of the cats was accidentally locked in. OMG.

The following day MotherDear locked Gandalf in her closet. Again. For hours. Poor kitty. Me-owie.

When did this get so complicated?

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