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Feb 28 2008

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Weary, we are

The Bipolar Express just ran through town again. You know how it feels when you’re standing on the train platform and an express train whooshes past the platform?

j0403633.jpgMy bipolar niece is like that. She sucks the air right out of the room. She sent an email during the night denouncing the Aunts as relatives, accusing us once more of being biased and uninformed self-proclaimed experts who know nothing about anything. She is angry and offended. Again.

She still refuses to consider going back on her meds, ever defiant.

Her mother, me and the other SisterDears are weary of the fight. So we catch our breath and gather strength from one another while we wait, for the next time.

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Feb 08 2008

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The Bipolar Express seems to be on schedule

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The Bipolar Express seems to be on schedule.

Bipolar Niece (BPN) just returned to college for the next semester. I was talking with her mother, SisterDear3 last night. She mentioned that her daughter has already started calling her about 5-7 times a day. BPN seems to be stuck on playing the ‘Mother Bashing’ game, even if only by telephone.

So I’m doing the math in my head and I’m wondering…  BPN’s last manic episode was over Christmas. She mentioned to her mother that her period was later than normal this month. So was the manic phase. It may just be anecdotal, but BPN’s mood swings definitely seem to coincide with her menstrual cycles. Either that, or BPN has the tremendous misfortune of suffering a manic phase at the same time as having the worst case of PMS in the universe.

So I have a question to any of you who are Bipolar and female; have any of you noticed any correlation with your mood swings and menstrual cycles? I sincerely would like your input.

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