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May 10 2008

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PhotoHunt: Moody AFB Air Show 2007

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This week’s theme from tnchick is ANY photo. I took this at an air show at Moody AFB on October 21, 2007. It was a glorious day to be a spectator, but the winds were really kicked up. They nearly had to call off the air show.

We ended up in the VIP section. You know, the section that’s all roped off? The one that’s smack dab in the middle right on the air strip. The one with all the free food and drinks? We just walked in with some other folks. I was trailing behind my friend, taking photos. When I walked up to join him the guards stopped me and told me I wasn’t allowed in. They had really big guns. I wasn’t going to argue. I called in to my friend, who was already seated in the bleachers, to come back out. One of the guards said “Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am, we didn’t realize you were with him”. Then he at-eased and let me in. I dunno.

We didn’t realize our dumb luck until I went up to get a bottle of water and got out my money and they said “Oh, no, no, no. It’s complimentary for the VIP’s”. Cool. We had the best seats on base, other than perhaps the cockpit. Did I mention the Free Food?

Would you like to know the name of this particular maneuver? So would I, so if you happen to know it please let me know because I forgot, probably right after they announced it. It was way cool, though!

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May 09 2008

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Finally Friday! Wait a Minute

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I’ve had a very long week at the office. My brain is fried!! I’m incredibly grateful for the new business! I’m also so very thankful that the weekend is finally here. And so I bring you a joke I heard this week, boiled instead of fried… It’s healthier!

She was standing in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast, wearing only the ‘T’ shirt that she normally slept in.

As he walked in almost awake, she turned and said softly, ‘You’ve got to make love to me this very moment.’
His eyes lit up and he thought, ‘I am either still dreaming or this is going to be my lucky day.’ Not wanting to lose the moment, he embraced her and then gave it his all right there on the kitchen table.
Afterwards she said, ‘Thanks,’ and returned to the stove, her ‘T’ shirt still around her neck.

A little puzzled, he asked, ‘What was that all about?’

She explained,

‘The egg timer’s broken.’

I’m also doing Sky Watch Friday


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May 07 2008

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WW: First Fridays

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What is First Friday?

Downtown Valdosta has become a vibrant and lively spot every day of the month but, on the first Friday evening of each month, downtown comes alive with music, food, shopping, art and more. Since the First Friday event in Jun 2005, First Fridays have grown to attract an average of more than 1,250 people. Many activities start about 6 p.m., with most of the music starting about 7 p.m. First Fridays reflect the diversity of Downtown Valdosta as well as the diversity of the entire city.

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May 06 2008

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Conversation with an 8 Year Old

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I phoned one of my SisterDears Sunday afternoon. Kevin, one of her twin 8 year old sons, answered the phone. The conversation went exactly like this:

Me: Hi, Kevin, how are you?

Kevin: Who’s this?

Me: It’s Auntie Barb.

Kevin: Oh! Hi, Auntie Barbara! How are you doing?

Me: I’m doing very well, Kevin. Thanks so much for asking!

Kevin: :giggles: Oh, you’re welcome, Auntie.

Me: Kevin, is your Mom home?

Kevin: Well, yes she is, but you know what? She’s taking a nap right now and I hate to disturb her.

Alrighty then.

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May 05 2008

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Manic Monday: Fresh

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Our Manic Monday host Mo has given us the word Fresh this week.

I give you Fresh from my garden Sunday morning – some Honeysuckle Vines!

Honeysuckle is mentioned in many songs and books, but my favorite Honeysuckle lyric is Jimmy Buffet’s “Tin Cup Chalice”.

Live first verse & chorus version on YouTube:

A Fresh song from an always Fresh singer-songwriter about a fragrant & Fresh Honeysuckle Vine Fresh from the garden!
I’m betting that this was a Fresh take on this week’s theme. I’ll bet nobody else even thought of Honeysuckle Vines!

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May 04 2008

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One Single Impression: Desert

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wind-tossed sandy dunes
nocturnal fauna burrow
foraging at dusk
Do you enjoy Haiku or other forms of poetry?

One Single Impression is a community of poets writing and sharing haiku and other poetic forms. Each week a new prompt is offered up to inspire your writing. Participants are invited to share ideas for prompts, too. Join us!

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May 01 2008

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Sister Weekends

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Do any of you have Sisters? If you do, do you have a very close relationship?

I can’t imagine my life without my 3 SisterDears. They know all the worst things about me and they love me anyway! I live about 1500 miles away from them, but through the miracle of technology, we remain very close! Cell phones, email and blogs, gotta love it! Truth be told, with life happening everyday, school, sports, work…. something always happens so they can’t get together all that often. That is until I make my ‘annual trek’ up for our Sister Weekend! We all truly treasure our Sister Weekends.

I’ve been trying to decide when to go up this year. I usually go in July, but every 3-5 years I go up for Christmas. I wouldn’t want to completely forget how much I dislike snow and the bitter cold now would I? I finally decided! I have decided that this year I will go up for the Fall Foliage!! The last time I saw New England Fall Foliage was October 1993, and it was past its peak. So, I have decided to go up at the end of September this year. Plans are being made. Excited? Who me? Only completely!

We’re going to “do” Boston this year! Plans, we must make plans!! Faneuil Hall, The Paul Revere House, The Freedon Trail and Boston Common, the Old North Church, Bunker Hill Monument, the Museums… a Red Sox game!!! We’ll also do some sitting around the fire in our Norman hats sipping wine, listening to the piano and singing along in our relaxing clothes. Bliss!

Stock up the wine! Which restaurants shall we eat at? Decisions, decisions!

Oh, what fun we shall have!

Today is a very special day!

It is SisterDear4’s Birthday and her daughter/my niece’s Leann’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday, SD4! ~ Happy Birthday, Leann!

It’s also my beautiful gray boys’ Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Gandalf & Grayson!

Gandalf is 4 and Grayson is 5! Stop by and wish them a Happy Birthday!

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