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Feb 29 2008

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The Last Lecture

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Caution: There’s an elephant in the room. This may cause you to live your life differently.

I’m posting this because it is the most awe-inspiring thing I have personally seen in quite some time. It’s a must-see. If you have not yet watched this video, read the transcript or heard of Randy Pausch – here’s the unabridged version of the video. If you’d rather not watch the entire 76 minute video, there are links at You Tube to abridged 5-10 minute versions as well. Yahoo has the video of Randy’s Reprisal of the Last Lecture on Oprah.

Prepare to laugh. Prepare to cry, as Randy teaches us how to live, not how to die. Tissues highly recommended.

You can order the DVD (and more) by visiting Carnegie MellonRandy’s own web site is here.

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving talk, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

Reprisal on Oprah (11:32)
Unabridged Version (76:26)

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Feb 28 2008

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Weary, we are

The Bipolar Express just ran through town again. You know how it feels when you’re standing on the train platform and an express train whooshes past the platform?

j0403633.jpgMy bipolar niece is like that. She sucks the air right out of the room. She sent an email during the night denouncing the Aunts as relatives, accusing us once more of being biased and uninformed self-proclaimed experts who know nothing about anything. She is angry and offended. Again.

She still refuses to consider going back on her meds, ever defiant.

Her mother, me and the other SisterDears are weary of the fight. So we catch our breath and gather strength from one another while we wait, for the next time.

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Feb 26 2008

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Happy OY EH Day


I love Gatherings. I love to gather together all the people I love into one place, at the same time. Any excuse that I can get everyone to rally behind will do!

So often we often hear the phrase “Small World”. Well I certainly don’t think so, at least not in the ways that really matter. Just try and plan a Gathering! We’re scattered up and down the east coast. Schedules make it nearly impossible to gather: work, social, school, sports, dance… Busy, Busy, Busy we are!

The SisterDears and I are trying to plan our first annual “Once a Year, Everyone’s Here” Day for next July when my parents and I travel back to New England. The logistics are quite challenging! We want everyone from all 4 generations to gather. I’d also like as many cousins to show up as would like with their families. We want a new Family Photograph. Perhaps a Burgers & Hot Dogs family picnic. It will be magnificent if we can pull it off!

Happy OY, EH Day! I hope the holiday that I insisted upon will become every family’s favorite! So go ahead, start planning yours! Best Wishes for 100% turnout. Please let me know when you post about it! I’ll certainly be posting about ours! ;-)

Thank Goodness, my boys’ schedule always permits plenty of time for me!


P.S. – I so want the necklace in the banner that the ImageChef made for me!

If you like my idea of 100% Family Reunion Participation Vote here!

Are you still here? Leave me some Comment Love & get outa here. Go start Planning your first OY EH Day!

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Feb 25 2008

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Weekend Snapshot: The Swamp Runneth Over


We had 7 inches of rain this weekend which caused a large amount of flooding county wide. My beautiful and beloved Swamp runneth over. img_0225_web.JPG<

Weekend Snapshot Participants

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2. Sandy Carlson
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4. Stev & EMZ
5. Jen
6. Natalie
7. Meeya
8. Wino
9. Rach (Heart of Rachel)
10. Amy Shipp

Learn more about Weekend Snapshot here.

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Feb 24 2008

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175 Words Challenge: It Was October 17, 1967


hootinannis_meme.gifI met him when we moved into our new house. My cousin told me he lived next door to her. He and his older brother were “volunteered” by my uncle to do some of the heavy lifting.

It was the first time I ever noticed a boy!

He was tall and dark, not at all handsome, unless you think dorky and be-speckled is handsome. He was the second oldest in his family of six. I found myself doing stupid things in front of him, tripping, stumbling, dropping, tongue tied and talking too much. I was in crush.

As tired as I was that day, I was sad to see it end because that meant he had to leave my house. I wondered if I’d ever see him again, maybe at my cousin’s house. I wondered if he felt any of the same feelings.

We slept that night on mattresses on the floor. Morning came and my MotherDear came in to wake us for breakfast. She lifted my blanket and said to me “That boy is downstairs asking for you.”

  • 175 Words
  • 917 Characters



Firstly, click on the link provided below. While there at the site, type your life’s event in the box provided. Total your words. Your entry MUST meet the challenge of 175 words!! NO LESS!!!! Must be 175 words at least!! If it’s not, it doesn’t qualify. Then, copy and paste your life’s event to your blog and place your total of words – the exact count into your blog entry also. That’s it!

If you want to try the challenge go to Hootin Anni’s HERE.

I’d like to know you’ve done the meme challenge for fun. If you do, please come back and tell me in the comments section!! I’ll come by for a visit.

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Feb 23 2008

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PhotoHunt: Wooden

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photohunter7iq.pngThis week’s Photo Hunter Theme is Wooden.

I decided to use my Tiki Torch for this weeks’ Wooden Theme because it’s may be the only time I’ll ever get to use it!

I’m usually in bed by 8:00, long before dark in the summer!

I usually light it only on the rare evening that isn’t so humid that it drives us back inside to the air conditioning!

The Tiki Torch is never left unattended, and is always extinguished before retiring for the evening.

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Feb 22 2008

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I has a sad

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Here in the Deep South tonight it is cold, dreary and raining. It’s been raining all day. It will rain all day tomorrow. I watched our Canadian Geese standing at the edge of The Swamp today, just waiting it out.

As I was driving home tonight I couldn’t help but wonder where all the homeless people were sheltering, where all the wildlife go to and where so many feral pets were hiding from the cold and damp tonight.

Then I turn on the news and hear that Barack Obama is currently getting 1 million dollars a day donated to his campaign fund. A million dollars a day.

And it makes me terribly sad.

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