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Jan 06 2008

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100 Things about me

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  1. I am 5′11″
  2. I was born in 1954
  3. I am owned by 2 cats, both are gray males
  4. I live in yellow house; I don’t especially care for yellow houses, but that’s what color it was when I bought it
  5. I have been self-employed since 1987
  6. I graduated from High School in 1972
  7. I got married in 1973
  8. I have been divorced since 1994
  9. I love big Red Wines
  10. I love Chicken
  11. I love Chocolate
  12. I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers
  13. My parents are still happily married to each other
  14. I can’t whistle very well
  15. I want to go to Italy someday and spend a great deal of time sipping wine through Tuscany, hopefully with my sisters
  16. I used to have Pekingese dogs
  17. I almost had 2 Labradors, but a week after I brought them home my cats made me take them back
  18. I still drive a big car
  19. I love Oldies, especially Falsetto and Harmony
  20. I love Tenors
  21. Mr X took me to a Luciano Pavarotti concert 2 nights before our divorce was final. It was just marvelous, he could still hit the high C’s back then. Pavarotti could, not Mr X
  22. I was 11 when I attended my first Concert. It was The Monkees and I had a huge crush on Mike Nesmith… Huge.
  23. I am a procrastinator
  24. I am an optimist
  25. I am a Republican. I’ll never forget the moment when my dad realized that I was not a Democrat. I was raised in Camelot, the magical fairytale land of the Kennedy’s. My Dad still isn’t over it. (Although I will never again vote for any candidate who cannot properly pronounce the word Nuclear.)
  26. My hair is still mostly not gray
  27. My current favorite TV show is House
  28. I dearly loved my mother-in-law and my father-in-law
  29. I spent about 15 years in fertility treatment; it was expensive, heartbreaking and unsuccessful.
  30. My favorite TV channel is The Science Channel
  31. I really dislike watching the news on TV, especially local news
  32. I cannot stand commercials
  33. I believe that everybody who can vote, should
  34. My very favorite smell is a baby, right after a bath
  35. I love carnations
  36. My favorite colors are Red and Green
  37. I married my high school sweetheart
  38. My 3 sisters are my best friends
  39. I loved the Dick Van Dyke show, the Andy Griffith Show, The Waltons and pretty much all those hokey, family, feel good shows
  40. I send coffee back in a restaurant if it is not good
  41. I check my french fries at the drive through before I leave and send those back as well, usually with a remark similar to, “no, I want the ones I see on your TV ads and menu pictures”
  42. The last time I went to a movie theater was so long ago I don’t remember what I saw
  43. I have hundreds and hundreds of books, CD’s, videos and DVD’s
  44. I have a green hammock
  45. I’ve never attended a high school reunion
  46. I made my own Prom dress
  47. My favorite car that I’ve ever owned was a Blue 1965 convertible Mustang
  48. I wish I’d gone to college instead of getting married
  49. I own 3 computers.
  50. I miss the Johnny Carson Show; remember back when late night was witty?
  51. I go to bed very early, usually by 8:00
  52. I love country crafts
  53. My biggest single regret is that I did not adopt
  54. I believe in love at first sight
  55. I believe in God
  56. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  57. I miss my friends in Florida
  58. I regret selling my business in Florida
  59. My eyes are blue
  60. I have hundreds of Longaberger baskets and lots of pottery
  61. I love mornings
  62. I never learned to play the piano, at least not yet
  63. When I first got married I was so Obsessive-Compulsive that I would actually fluff the pillows on the couch while my guests were sitting on it. I gave that up, it was exhausting. Oddly, I have no problem with dust.
  64. I still can’t leave my house if a bed isn’t made
  65. I still can’t stand a dirty dish in the sink
  66. I refold my laundry after someone who has helped me fold it leaves
  67. I can’t fall asleep if the TV isn’t on
  68. I believe that we should have a universal heath plan for all US citizens, not just Medicare for retired people
  69. I believe that medicine can go too far
  70. I believe that science can go too far
  71. I am somewhat claustrophobic. I need to know that I can open a window.
  72. I have always hated high bridges
  73. I have Panic Disorder. The first time I saw someone hyperventilating, I remember thinking “how can someone forget how to breathe”
  74. I am a non-smoker stuck in the body of a person who smokes
  75. I have a love/hate relationship with flying; I hate it, but I love that it can transport me so quickly to someone that I wish to spend time with
  76. I have been to Colorado twice, despite my fear of bridges and ledges
  77. I have been to Key West and watched the sunset at Mallory Square, despite the 44 bridges I had to cross to get there
  78. I value my privacy and solitude
  79. I love large gatherings
  80. I have never had a proper massage
  81. I have been on a cruise to the Caribbean
  82. I adore old family pictures
  83. I miss my grandmothers
  84. I still remember how the town I grew up in smelled the first day we moved in
  85. I love black licorice & Fire Balls
  86. I can’t cook without garlic
  87. I have had the pleasure of personally introducing several people to the joy of reading
  88. My favorite vacation spot is on the lake in Maine
  89. I love the wail of a Loon
  90. I really don’t like to wear shoes
  91. I wear slippers while I’m at work
  92. I have been on a sleigh ride, a hay ride and a horse-drawn carriage
  93. I have been kicked by a horse
  94. I shook the hands of many pilots, commercial and military and have actually played bingo with a licenced commercial pilot
  95. I start praying for my pilot about 2 weeks before my flight
  96. I believe that attorneys have changed everything, not necessarily for the better
  97. I have a friend who is an attorney
  98. I believe that a person is only as good as their word
  99. I believe that love is a verb
  100. I believe that every day really is a new beginning

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