How Is Wine Made?

Wine has been here making us endure the best taste. Every occasion, our celebration will not be complete without wine. From red wines, to white wines, rose to sparkling and dessert, wines have been dominating the drink industry. Wines could be identified mainly by the grape selection used to make the wine and the area where the grapes are grown. Wines identified on the basis of grape range are called varietals and those categorized on the basis of area are called by the region itself.

The process of making wine is not that complicated. To give you more information about how wine is made, here are the step by step procedures:

  1. First, you need to pick up the grapes from your vineyards. Most vineyards start with white grapes and then with red varietals. The grapes are usually gathered in bins and then later on be sent on the crushing pad. The process will turn grapes into juice and then to wine.
  2. Crush the grapes. There is a wine making machine called destemmer that will remove the stem from the cluster. After removing the grapes from the stem, it will lightly crush the grapes.
  3. Ferment the grapes into wine. When you say Fermentation, the sugar will be converted to alcohol. There are plenty of methods and machineries that can be used for this process, in different kinds of grapes. For red and white grapes, the yeast will be added so fermentation can happen into the wine. For red wines,the carbon dioxide will be released throughout the fermentation process. The techniques also make the grape skins will rise too. Wine makers must also punch over to keep the skins in interaction with the juice. For red wines, the grapes will be pressed once fermentation is done.
  4. Age the wine. Aging the wine will make it have a long lasting and beautiful taste. They say the longer you age wine, the better. There are various of wine that can be aged to several years, to several months, stainless steel to oak, new oak to used barrels, oak barrels, and even numerous stages of toasted barrels.
  5. Put the wine in a bottle. When the wine maker is done with the full expression of aging the wine, then it will be time put the wine into the bottle. Most dry red wines will need aging of eighteen (18) to twenty four (24) months.

Wine will surely make us drink more. The process of doing wine can be simple but it takes lots of knowledge. Wine has become the world’s famous drink because of its magical taste. The taste of wine varies depending on how long you stored it. The longer you preserve the wine, the better it will taste. The most complicated process in making a wine is the fermentations as we all know it will be tedious to convert its sweet taste to alcohol. Overall, wine continues to dominate the store.. and need we say more?