Details You May Not Know About Red Wine

We have some of the varieties of red wine. We are all fascinated by red wine because of its exquisite taste. There’s no other red wine that can make us feel this way. Even though red wines are popular, there are still few people who doesn’t know much about red wines.

The first thing they have to know is that red wines are made from red grapes. It may sound a little bit of silly, but you can also make a white wine using the red grapes you have. The color will ferment in the process. Red wine is made from a red grape that is fermented and crushed  for about fourteen days using the grape skins. All of the color in the red wine comes from the red grape skins itself.

All the color is extracted from the skins. The color being extracted from the skins is what we called tannin. The extracted skin is called tannin. Tannin is the red skin in red wine that gives a phenomenal textural drying sensation. The sensation of dryness is felt at the back of your mouth. When you sip a red wine, the first thing you are going to notice is that it does taste dry. The meaning of this is that the wine is not sweet; a sweet red wine in rare today because of its components. The dessert wine is also something that we should discuss.

Red Wine in Glasses ToastingMoreover, Let’s discuss about a wine that is smooth in acidity. The acidity that it contains  will make you feel the dryness on the sides of your tongue. However, the difference about this is that it is smooth and light kind of red wine. It is like drinking and drying your mouth afterwards. You can say that the tannin over powers the red wine. Let’s discuss about a little bit of bitterness that you will taste in red wines. Red wine typically has a little bit of bitterness that you will surely taste. You can find the taste at the back of your tongue. There are two specialize receptors. They are found on either of the back of your tongue, in the middle of it. It is really dry after drinking the red wine. However, it has smooth acidity, bitterness and it also has that taste of tannin. The so called tannin will give the wine weight, structure and also give you a bit of textual drying sensation on the back of your tongue. Tannin is being used to add volume in the wine.

Besides all of these, we can have a dry, smooth acidity, a bit of bitterness and tannin; we can also have a wine with quite a bit of body based from that tannin. After that, the tannin will mixed into the alcohol. The alcohol is being extracted right after the red grape is fermented. The alcohol came from the grapes. They are full bodied and dry with a hint of bitterness and a little bit of tannin Now that’s the kind of wine you and I must totally try!