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May 22 2008

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Sister’s Sonata

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One of my most favorite moments of the Sister Weekend.
OK, SisterDear3 (aka My Bellavia) was playing Heart and Soul, but still….

Then SisterDear4 stepped in to play the upper part….

What’s this? SisterDear 2 picks up the harmonica!
BIL joined in (perhaps better known to you as Enrico Suave, Cabana Boy).
Bonus!! Enrico Suave can actually play the piano! Think ‘Billy Joel’. Think ‘Piano Man’. Think ‘Bottle of Red, Bottle of White’.
Oh, Enrico!!! I’ll have red, please!

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May 01 2008

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Sister Weekends

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Do any of you have Sisters? If you do, do you have a very close relationship?

I can’t imagine my life without my 3 SisterDears. They know all the worst things about me and they love me anyway! I live about 1500 miles away from them, but through the miracle of technology, we remain very close! Cell phones, email and blogs, gotta love it! Truth be told, with life happening everyday, school, sports, work…. something always happens so they can’t get together all that often. That is until I make my ‘annual trek’ up for our Sister Weekend! We all truly treasure our Sister Weekends.

I’ve been trying to decide when to go up this year. I usually go in July, but every 3-5 years I go up for Christmas. I wouldn’t want to completely forget how much I dislike snow and the bitter cold now would I? I finally decided! I have decided that this year I will go up for the Fall Foliage!! The last time I saw New England Fall Foliage was October 1993, and it was past its peak. So, I have decided to go up at the end of September this year. Plans are being made. Excited? Who me? Only completely!

We’re going to “do” Boston this year! Plans, we must make plans!! Faneuil Hall, The Paul Revere House, The Freedon Trail and Boston Common, the Old North Church, Bunker Hill Monument, the Museums… a Red Sox game!!! We’ll also do some sitting around the fire in our Norman hats sipping wine, listening to the piano and singing along in our relaxing clothes. Bliss!

Stock up the wine! Which restaurants shall we eat at? Decisions, decisions!

Oh, what fun we shall have!

Today is a very special day!

It is SisterDear4’s Birthday and her daughter/my niece’s Leann’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday, SD4! ~ Happy Birthday, Leann!

It’s also my beautiful gray boys’ Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Gandalf & Grayson!

Gandalf is 4 and Grayson is 5! Stop by and wish them a Happy Birthday!

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Feb 28 2008

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Weary, we are

The Bipolar Express just ran through town again. You know how it feels when you’re standing on the train platform and an express train whooshes past the platform?

j0403633.jpgMy bipolar niece is like that. She sucks the air right out of the room. She sent an email during the night denouncing the Aunts as relatives, accusing us once more of being biased and uninformed self-proclaimed experts who know nothing about anything. She is angry and offended. Again.

She still refuses to consider going back on her meds, ever defiant.

Her mother, me and the other SisterDears are weary of the fight. So we catch our breath and gather strength from one another while we wait, for the next time.

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Feb 06 2008

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Thursday Thirteen #3 – 13 Attitudes of Gratitude


Thursday Thirteen – 3rd Edition

Thirteen Things for which I am Grateful

  1. SisterDear2  – She is so amazing! SD2 did day care for 18 years or so while she raised her 2 boys. She was so great at it that her waiting list was a couple of years out. SD2 just graduated from Nursing School. She is now an RN! She just turned 51 before she graduated from college!  You go girl!

  2. SisterDear3 – She is so inspiring! SD3 is wife to a cop and mother to 4 children. She has a daughter in college who happens to have Bipolar Disorder, a teenage son and twin 8 year old sons, one of whom is Autistic (PDD/NOS). She faces each day with faith, love, humor and grace. She finally got her son placed in what we hope will be a good fit for him. She is anxiously looking forward to re-joining the work force soon! She so needs to reacquaint herself with grown-up conversations again!

  3. SisterDear4 – She is so incredible! SD4 has literally reinvented herself in the last 5 years since her divorce. She has a teenage son and a preteen daughter. She remodeled her entire home in the past couple of years. She can do it all! Bringing home the bacon, gardening, repairs, painting… She doesn’t always want to do it all, but she can and does.

  4. My Cats – I can’t imagine my life anymore without my cats. I’ve always had dogs (Pekingese). I had just lost one little lovey and was in the final month of my other sweet puppy’s life when my cats found me. They totally rescued me.

  5. My Business – Had someone told me 25 years ago that I would be self-employed I’d have told them they were nuts! I opened my first business (with a partner) in 1987. Since that day there hasn’t been a day that I did not look forward to going in to the Office. I look forward to Mondays – Go figure!

  6. My Parents– I never expected to have my parents living with me. However, when I sold my first business and was looking for a house to buy in Georgia I asked them if they would also like to move with me. I was their only child (of eight!) living in Florida and I felt horrible about leaving them there, childless! They accepted and moved in with me and the Boys just about 2 years ago. I’m amazed at some of the stories my Dad tells me that I might never ever have heard unless they moved in with me. My Dad has a phenomenal memory that goes back to grade school. My Dad is 79! MotherDear is Queen of the Kitchen! She is my all-time favorite cook! Dinner is ready and on the table every night when I get home from work (even if I don’t feel like sitting down to dinner when I get home). This is just the coolest thing! I could go on and on about my parents. It’s been awesome having them here!

  7. Health – I have not had any major health issues in the 14 years since my divorce. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so.

  8. My Home – I joke quite a bit about hating the Yellow House. It had been painted just before the sellers put it on the market. Let me just say that Yellow is not my favorite color! I bought it in spite of the Yellow. But I am loving this house! I actually gave the Realtor a wish list with “Deal-Breakers” and stuck to it. I got everything on my list! How cool is that?

  9. Family– There’s a couple of doosies in the basket, but mostly I have the most wonderful family anyone could ever wish for and we have such a great time together.

  10. Friends – I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends. Most I call family because they feel like family.

  11. Wine – I am grateful to have discovered my affection for wine! Wine is an adventure for me while at the same time an old familiar friend.

  12. My Walk-in Closet – My previous house was an adorable Cottage. I loved it. I absolutely hated to leave it. Cried my eyes out. I miss it. But I had NO closet!

  13. God – I was brought up in the Catholic Church but somehow missed God completely. I found God and was saved when I was about 38 years old!


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Jan 19 2008

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SisterDear3’s Bucket List

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My bucket floweth over. So you have inspired me!

  1. Clean out this house so there is room to live!
  2. Go back to work. Twenty years is a long time!
  3. Write “The Mother Book”, that everyone’s mother on the planet has always said they could write
  4. Remember to use the enter button!
  5. Stop each day to enjoy my children
  6. Lose the extra twenty-five pounds I’ve gained
  7. Try and stop being so over-protective with my kids
  8. Visit my favorite childhood spot
  9. Go on a romantic vacation with Jim
  10. Become more avid at using the computer
  11. Become more confrontational (In a good way)!
  12. Read more books, than newspapers
  13. Take the twins to Disney
  14. Take up sewing again
  15. Save money
  16. Cook healthier meals
  17. Find the time to cook healthier meals
  18. Find a little “me time” each day
  19. Conquer my fear of flying
  20. Take a cruise with my husband and sisters!
  21. Visit a tropical resort with white sand and a cabana on the beach and have a hunk bring my drinks
  22. Own a “Brand New” car (something sporty but functional). Tan!
  23. Find a crystal ball so I can see Thomas’ future
  24. See my daughter graduate from college and be happy with her life
  25. Dance with my son Jack to Chuck Mangione’s “Bellavia” on his wedding day. It was playing on the night he was born.

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