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Jan 19 2008

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SisterDear3’s Bucket List

Posted at 6:21 am under Lists, Sisters

My bucket floweth over. So you have inspired me!

  1. Clean out this house so there is room to live!
  2. Go back to work. Twenty years is a long time!
  3. Write “The Mother Book”, that everyone’s mother on the planet has always said they could write
  4. Remember to use the enter button!
  5. Stop each day to enjoy my children
  6. Lose the extra twenty-five pounds I’ve gained
  7. Try and stop being so over-protective with my kids
  8. Visit my favorite childhood spot
  9. Go on a romantic vacation with Jim
  10. Become more avid at using the computer
  11. Become more confrontational (In a good way)!
  12. Read more books, than newspapers
  13. Take the twins to Disney
  14. Take up sewing again
  15. Save money
  16. Cook healthier meals
  17. Find the time to cook healthier meals
  18. Find a little “me time” each day
  19. Conquer my fear of flying
  20. Take a cruise with my husband and sisters!
  21. Visit a tropical resort with white sand and a cabana on the beach and have a hunk bring my drinks
  22. Own a “Brand New” car (something sporty but functional). Tan!
  23. Find a crystal ball so I can see Thomas’ future
  24. See my daughter graduate from college and be happy with her life
  25. Dance with my son Jack to Chuck Mangione’s “Bellavia” on his wedding day. It was playing on the night he was born.

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