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May 22 2008

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Sister’s Sonata

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One of my most favorite moments of the Sister Weekend.
OK, SisterDear3 (aka My Bellavia) was playing Heart and Soul, but still….

Then SisterDear4 stepped in to play the upper part….

What’s this? SisterDear 2 picks up the harmonica!
BIL joined in (perhaps better known to you as Enrico Suave, Cabana Boy).
Bonus!! Enrico Suave can actually play the piano! Think ‘Billy Joel’. Think ‘Piano Man’. Think ‘Bottle of Red, Bottle of White’.
Oh, Enrico!!! I’ll have red, please!

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May 06 2008

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Conversation with an 8 Year Old

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I phoned one of my SisterDears Sunday afternoon. Kevin, one of her twin 8 year old sons, answered the phone. The conversation went exactly like this:

Me: Hi, Kevin, how are you?

Kevin: Who’s this?

Me: It’s Auntie Barb.

Kevin: Oh! Hi, Auntie Barbara! How are you doing?

Me: I’m doing very well, Kevin. Thanks so much for asking!

Kevin: :giggles: Oh, you’re welcome, Auntie.

Me: Kevin, is your Mom home?

Kevin: Well, yes she is, but you know what? She’s taking a nap right now and I hate to disturb her.

Alrighty then.

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