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Dec 01 2007

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Simple Pleasures & Gatherings

Posted at 11:32 am under Cats, Gatherings, Simple Pleasures, Sisters, Wine

I have always looked for any excuse to have Gatherings. I want to gather together all the people and things that I love into one place at the same time. Small World? I certainly don’t think so. I think it’s much too big. We’re scattered here, there and everywhere. Our schedules make it nearly impossible to gather. Someone always has to work, is studying for a Mid-term, will be out of town, or their child is sick, has a Soccer game, dance class or football practice… You see my point. We’re too busy.

I have 3 sisters who live very close to each other. I live 1,220.2 miles from them. While we do speak to each other almost daily, my sisters rarely get together except when I make my annual trek ”home”. I find this incredibly sad. I long for simple things, such as stopping by for a cup of tea or coffee together on my way home after an errand. Simple things that far too many people take for granted. So, that’s what this Blog is about…. Simple things. Simple pleasures. Family. Friends. Cats. Gatherings. Food. Wine.

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