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Apr 24 2008

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There’s No Consolation In Being Right

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I am the “go-to gal”. I always have been, since childhood. For those of you new to my world, I am the oldest of eight, count ‘em, eight children. I am the consummate organizer. I bring order to chaos. I can and I do.

I am sure many of you have been in situations where a family member, friend or co-worker has come to you for advice. Then almost immediately upon receiving these pearls of wisdom from you they leave, thanking you countless times for your insight and compassion.

Moments later, days later or weeks later, they have totally ignored every single word you have said, especially any words of caution you imparted specifically regarding what they should avoid at all costs.

Here it comes. The phone call. The crying call. The “what do I do now” call. The “please don’t say I told you so” call.


Do you honestly think I went to all that trouble just so I could say “I told you so”? Do you sincerely believe in your heart of hearts that I really wanted you to do the opposite of what I suggested you do? Do you actually buy in to the idea that I get satisfaction from watching you suffer continuously and needlessly as you repeat the same mistake over & over again?

Sometimes, just sometimes, people make me wish I were wrong.

Truly, there are times when there is no consolation in being right, especially when someone you love gets hurt. Again.

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