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Dec 23 2007

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One more trip around the Sun and other Random thoughts

Today is SisterDear3’s Half Centennial Birthday. I use to feel a bit like James T. Kirk, boldly going where no one had gone before…. It’s very strange to be the oldest of 8 kids and to see them all getting older, because of course, I am still 24. hehehe. Even my baby brother in 37 and my oldest nephew is 28. Good Lord. Where does the time go?

Last night MotherDear had the girls from Bingo & A & B over for supper and poker. For a change, I won a few hands. I don’t know how that happened. Perhaps Santa bestowed some pre-Christmas magic poker dust on me for the evening.

MotherDear actually played some piano! Then while A & B took the girls down the street to see their house, Dad played a little too. I love it when they play. It brings me back to my childhood. I know, corny. But also very true. Someone playing the piano was like a magic beckoning call… a few notes on the keyboard and everyone in the house just gathered at the piano. Many happy memories are triggered whenever I hear a piano. I’m so glad one of my nephews and my brother-in law also play. Bonus points to my nephew, the teacher. He actually gets to teach kids music every day in school and also teaches private piano and guitar lessons. How cool is that?

SisterDear2 has the best present for our parents this year, and I can’t wait! She’s flying down the day after Christmas and we’re all sooo excited about her visit. But I really am looking forward to them opening her very special gift. My Dad had mentioned last spring that he was hoping to watch the old home movies while up for our July visit last summer. So I had special-ordered the bulb needed for this old projector. As soon as they turned the projector on, the bulb blew. Much disappointment filled the room. So, that’s what gave SisterDear2 the idea for the Christmas gift. She took all of the 8mm videos from our childhood and had them put on DVDs!! I know!!! There will be many teary eyes while watching them! My brother-in-law also made copies for everybody. What an awesome gift!!!

As I lay in bed last night I was reflecting upon my life, especially the past year and a half. Last year I sold my business of 20 years and moved to another state. I invited my parents to live with me and my kitties. It was kind of a big deal, such a major move. Overall, I have to say that I’m quite content with my life. There is really just one thing I plan to work on in 2008, and that is to push my new business into a higher sales volume without spending as much money advertising as last year. God willing, I will make enough to meet my needs, and a little bit extra for some of my wants. I’ve totally forgotten what it was like to have disposable income!

And finally, this is what I awoke to this morning. Can you say “Awwww”

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