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My Cats’ Blog

Meet my Gray Boys!


Hello! We are Gandalf & Grayson, 2 gray ManCats. We asked our Mom (aka Lap Lady, Secretary, Staff) to assist us because we have many furry friends and we enjoy visiting with them every day. You see, although cats have countless skills, alas, we have no opposable thumbs with which to type!

We like to share stories about our Purrfect Adventures, our Stalking Skills and how Cats rule the world and all that’s in it…. ’cause everyone knows that Cats Rule and Woofies Drool. (Well, not all Woofies!)

Also during our journey we’ll tell you some stories about our cousins, Cosmo, Sarah, BooBoo and Tucker and, perhaps, introduce you to a few Special Guests.

We’ll also share a few Tattle Tales, some nasty stories about Menace Cat ::shivers:: and Jessie, the Pit Bull woofie that lives behind us. So if you’re faint of heart you have been given fair warning.

Mom also has a section called Mom’s Mew-Zings. That’s where she’ll be posting some of her favorite Cat Quotes (we had a Board Meeting and voted to let her become a Guest Catributor in exchange for her secretarial contributions.

The World According to Gandalf & Grayson – A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Meows

This is our story. It’s all about Me-ow.=^..^=

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