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Feb 12 2008

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Pump Princess

So I walked in from the Office tonight and MotherDear says she had to stop for gas on the way home from the Post Office for fear of running out.

j0434890.pngNow to the average person, a mere subject of the land, this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But MotherDear is the Pump Princess. She does not pump her own gas. Heavens, No!! That is the duty of HRH Dad.

So I’m running the scenarios through my head, wondering how she managed to keep her HRH Pump Princess Tiara on straight:

  1. There hasn’t been a Full Service Gas Station in the magical land of MotherDear in a squillion years
  2. Dad happened to be at The Swamp (my Office) this afternoon snooping checking on the fill dirt and grading progress
  3. I was at The Swamp, working
  4. Al was at The Swamp working on his Mustang he’s so darn proud of

I barely began running through the remaining options when she giggles (as only MotherDear can) and she says to me “I just said “You Hoo, young man!” to the nice young guy on the other side of the pump. And I told him “I never pump my own gas. Could you possibly help me, please?” and he came right over and pumped my gas for me.”

It must be wonderful to be a Princess.

You Hoo, Young Man? My brain is exploding. I wonder, who will inherit her crown?

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