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Dec 08 2007

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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

Posted at 7:39 pm under Bipolar, Christmas, Simple Pleasures, Sisters, Wine

It was 82 here today.. how the heck can you get in the mood to put ornaments on the tree in 82 degree weather? What happened to that nice cold front that we had all week when I couldn’t decorate because I had to work? It was 32 at night and only in the 50’s-60’s during the day. I was so looking forward to a nice cozy fire, Christmas music and wine. Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.

My niece is on the warpath again; another manic phase coinciding with the end of the semester and the Christmas holidays. Now you know this can not be good. *sigh* And yet her mother, my sister the saint, is still in a festive, happy mood. I truly cannot imagine how she does it. God must have given her a double dose of patience and understanding. A mother’s love would not suffice.

My cats sat under the tree ALL day today while the squirrels collected pecans for the winter. They lay there just waiting. Never moving for hour after hour. Alas; not a single squirrel fell into their clever trap.

Well, tomorrow is another day.


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