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Jan 10 2008

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Manville School

Posted at 3:58 pm under Autism, Sisters

SisterDear3 just got a marvelous phone call! Manville School in Boston, MA would be “delighted” to accept her son Thomas into their program. Manville School is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital and other local colleges and universities. They offer a 1 on 1 program and it is a year-round program, which is really crucial for Thomas.

Thomas is an 8 year old boy who is Autistic (PDD-NOS). He also suffers from severe allergies as well as some other issues. It has been particularly difficult to find a permanent placement that was a good fit for Thomas. In fact, his current school placement has reluctantly kept him only because the SPED director had a ‘Stay-Put’ order put in place.

This is such great news! Yeah, Thomas!

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