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Jan 16 2008

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Introducing: SisterDear3

I have convinced my lovely SisterDear3 to be a Guest Contributor to the WillThink4Wine blog.

Just let me tell you just a little bit about her. Basically, she is every psychiatrist’s dream! Her immediate family (1 hubby, 1 mother-in-law and 4 children) collectively have practically every mental health diagnosis on the planet, and few that perhaps don’t yet have a label. It is never dull at her house.

She sails through each day, replete with turbulent mood swings and various psychoses, with more love, patience, faith and grace than any one person should be blessed with. Mostly, I believe it’s her sense of humor that usually carries her through.

I hope you will enjoy her occasional posts. She cracks me up. Pardon the pun.

She also likes wine and is much too busy to be bothered with hitting the Enter key.

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  1. SisterDear3on 16 Jan 2008 at 4:36 pm 1

    Enter Key? is for? #3

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