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May 09 2008

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Finally Friday! Wait a Minute

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I’ve had a very long week at the office. My brain is fried!! I’m incredibly grateful for the new business! I’m also so very thankful that the weekend is finally here. And so I bring you a joke I heard this week, boiled instead of fried… It’s healthier!

She was standing in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast, wearing only the ‘T’ shirt that she normally slept in.

As he walked in almost awake, she turned and said softly, ‘You’ve got to make love to me this very moment.’
His eyes lit up and he thought, ‘I am either still dreaming or this is going to be my lucky day.’ Not wanting to lose the moment, he embraced her and then gave it his all right there on the kitchen table.
Afterwards she said, ‘Thanks,’ and returned to the stove, her ‘T’ shirt still around her neck.

A little puzzled, he asked, ‘What was that all about?’

She explained,

‘The egg timer’s broken.’

I’m also doing Sky Watch Friday


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Mar 28 2008

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Finally Friday: The Home & Garden Show & The Nursery

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This weekend is the Home & Garden Show at the James H Rainwater Conference Center. I attended last year brimming with excitement, only to be disappointed. To be fair, I lived in Lakeland, FL prior to moving to Valdosta, GA and Lakeland’s annual show puts this one to shame. I keep forgetting this is Hicksville, comparatively speaking.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

I may still attend, depending on how long I stay at the new Nuresry I just found out about. It’s acre after acre after acre of splendid plants, shrubs and trees. It is kind of weird for some, I know, but I just love this kind of stuff.

I’m told they have an entire greenhouse full of Orchids!
I’m also hoping to find a few dogwoods and a perhaps some other lovelys. It’s my version of other’s Yard Sales or Malls. I just love things that grow!

Want more Georgia? The Georgia Blog Carnival is open for your reading enjoyment over at Paw Paw Bill’s.

And just for some Friday Fun!

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Mar 07 2008

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Finally Friday: Tag

It’s funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn’t it?

Eleanor H. Porter, Pollyanna, 1912

I’ve had pets all of my adult life and I believe that quotation to be completely accurate. It’s absolutely amazing how intuitive a dog is, and a cat. It’s really is as though they can smell fear and sense mistrust.

picture-148_web.jpgFor the last 4 years I been owned by 2 amazing cats. Prior to then I have always had sweet, lovable dogs; 2 sets of Pekingese and 2 lovable Shepherd mixes. I have never had one you could remotely call a guard dog. If someone had ever broken in my home they may well have been licked to death.

I did, however, have a neighbor at my office in Florida who had the most gorgeous Yellow Lab named Tag. Tag’s Dad started bringing him to work with him when Tag was just a small bouncing puppy. Tag always sat in the front passenger seat. He was so funny. He was playful, lovable and energetic. And Tag was incredibly smart. I don’t mean just tricks and obedience smart, which he was, but people smart.

Tag was also the most intelligent dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He could sense whether or not he liked a person before they got within 20 feet of him. Since I spent so much time with Tag (5 or 6 days a week) until he died, Tag treated me as part of his pack and he was very protective of me. I had truck deliveries once or twice a week. More often than not, the truck drivers came and went without incident, quite unremarkable. Every now and then one would come and suddenly Tag would show an instant protective posture. He would come stand next to me, or partially in front of me with the hair on his back up and would let out a low growl with his mouth open just enough to show teeth. Tag knew something I did not. If the driver made a move towards me, Tag increased his warning ever so slightly.

picture-080_web.jpgI learned to trust Tag’s instincts and started paying more attention to which drivers he had this reaction to. There was usually good reason. Loving Tag has made me want to get a Lab. After I moved to Georgia I got 2 beautiful Black Lab puppies. There was just one problem; my cats wouldn’t let me keep them.

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Feb 01 2008

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Finally Friday

Was it really Sunday since I last posted? My, my. Well, I have been kept rather busy by my business (yeah!) and was distracted by all the political activities. I haven’t had a normal night’s sleep all week.

  • The State of the Union Address sounded… boring.
  • Florida Primaries… boring. They imposed a silly slap on the wrist which in the end means nothing; the delegate votes will be awarded. It’s like a Time-Out.
  • Republican debate… fell asleep before it started, and I really was looking forward to that debate.
  • Last night’s Democratic debate… boring. Sounded like a mutual admiration society, more like the Democratic Ticket/Running Mates than a debate. Did anyone hear something that actually distinguished one candidate from the other? I must’ve missed that part.

And yet, I lost sleep over them. Something as important as choosing our next President should be more empowering and uplifting, don’t you think?

My nephew & his sweet wife were supposed to close yesterday on their first home, but didn’t. A minor glitch caused the closing to be rescheduled for Monday. They are very upset about it, but it is their first house and they had such high expectations. Ah, youth!

img_0120_web.JPGThis week we had 8 loads of dirt brought in to The Swamp. My office is located on a lovely 2 acre lot overlooking The Swamp, replete with all sorts of fowl, snakes, beavers and raccoons. We have had some puddle issues and it needed to be graded so that the water ran off into the Swamp. The neighbor’s cat Feather, my official Office Mascot everyday, was not amused. She growled at the men and their machines. She clearly did not appreciate them invading her turf. It was quite loud at times, but interesting to watch when I could take a break.

But, It’s Finally Friday! And Super Bowl Sunday is just 2 days away!

Go Pats!


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Jan 25 2008

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Finally Friday

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Well, it’s Finally Friday!

And it’s pizza night. MotherDear is playing Bingo with the Biddies.  Dad and I are going over to A&B’s for Pizza! I believe the plans are to also have a nice cozy fire and a glass of wine. I will be quite content.

I’ve been fairly busy with the business this month. Yahoo! Perhaps it is getting off the ground at last. I certainly hope it continues. I am very grateful! Thank you, God! And Thank You to those of you who have me on your prayer list.

att13379411.jpgI got this lovely picture in an email so I don’t know where it came from. Isn’t it a great way to start a weekend?

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