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Feb 01 2008

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Finally Friday

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Was it really Sunday since I last posted? My, my. Well, I have been kept rather busy by my business (yeah!) and was distracted by all the political activities. I haven’t had a normal night’s sleep all week.

  • The State of the Union Address sounded… boring.
  • Florida Primaries… boring. They imposed a silly slap on the wrist which in the end means nothing; the delegate votes will be awarded. It’s like a Time-Out.
  • Republican debate… fell asleep before it started, and I really was looking forward to that debate.
  • Last night’s Democratic debate… boring. Sounded like a mutual admiration society, more like the Democratic Ticket/Running Mates than a debate. Did anyone hear something that actually distinguished one candidate from the other? I must’ve missed that part.

And yet, I lost sleep over them. Something as important as choosing our next President should be more empowering and uplifting, don’t you think?

My nephew & his sweet wife were supposed to close yesterday on their first home, but didn’t. A minor glitch caused the closing to be rescheduled for Monday. They are very upset about it, but it is their first house and they had such high expectations. Ah, youth!

img_0120_web.JPGThis week we had 8 loads of dirt brought in to The Swamp. My office is located on a lovely 2 acre lot overlooking The Swamp, replete with all sorts of fowl, snakes, beavers and raccoons. We have had some puddle issues and it needed to be graded so that the water ran off into the Swamp. The neighbor’s cat Feather, my official Office Mascot everyday, was not amused. She growled at the men and their machines. She clearly did not appreciate them invading her turf. It was quite loud at times, but interesting to watch when I could take a break.

But, It’s Finally Friday! And Super Bowl Sunday is just 2 days away!

Go Pats!


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  1. tommieon 01 Feb 2008 at 10:49 pm 1

    How sad that the only reason I watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials!

  2. amydeanneon 02 Feb 2008 at 8:52 am 2

    what a neat blog you have! and hehe wine thirty is quite ingenious! lol Thanks for posting on my blog!
    super bowl.. i’m afraid I haven’t watched it in years… watched enough football when I was in school to be well filled until my boys play lol..

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