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Feb 05 2008

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C is for Celery

Posted at 12:01 am under Aging Gracefully

j0423014.jpgI was reading a post over at Green Mountain Country Mama which hit a bit too close to home. She was writing about forgetfulness.

More and more the SisterDears and I have been making light of this new phenomenon in our lives. We joke about how we’re getting more forgetful and that somehow we’re now more subject to gravity because everything keeps dropping.

But you know, this getting older stuff really isn’t for sissies!

To my knowledge there’s no Alzheimer’s in my family, but here’s what happens to me all the time now: I’ll be mid-sentence and a common word which I use all the time simply leaps from my tongue and finds a Hidey Hole in the deep recesses of my brain. It may not come out for hours. Even reciting my ABC’s doesn’t always help. I just have to wait it out.

It was a few years ago when I first noticed it. I was making out my grocery list. I started to write the word ‘celery’ and all I could get out was the ‘c’. At first I laughed. I tried to write it again. Nothing. I could visualize it, smell it and taste it. I just couldn’t pull the word from it’s Hidey Hole.

While driving to the store I tried to summon it again. No luck. Walking to the produce department I felt sure it would come to me. Nada. C’mon, this is not funny anymore! It wasn’t until I passed the fruit section that I was finally able to summon it.

I was lucky that time. It usually waits until the 3:30 AM potty-run to leave it’s Hidey Hole.

Green Mountain Country Mama: Not the First Time

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  1. Sisterdear3on 06 Feb 2008 at 2:24 pm 1

    Fruit section? Well there’s the clue. lol! Seriously my hidey hole is never empty! I sometimes worry wether or not it’s the stress, or indicative of alzheimers. Dad’s sister Barbara had it.

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