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Jan 02 2008

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Bipolar Express

Posted at 6:54 am under Bipolar, Sisters

Christmas 2007 at SisterDear3’s house was delivered by the Bipolar Express. You can hear it coming from off in the distance, chugging it’s way towards the station. You also know it’s bringing with it chaos, much unpleasantness and lots of drama. It will arrive soon, and it will be loud.

SisterDear3’s 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when she was about 14. She has yet to accept the diagnosis and insists that she will find a medical professional to “vindicate” her. *sigh*

She arrived home from her first semester at College to spend Christmas. She brought with her the latest chapter of Mania into my SisterDear3’s Merry Christmas home. SD3’s 8 year old twins had been asking “is tomorrow Christmas?” for a month and the stage was set for a joyous day. Soon after Bipolar daughter arrived, the twins were scared and hiding. She picked fights with her 16 year old brother. She threw Christmas gifts to floor with the most ungrateful and hateful remarks. It lasted 3 days before she stormed from the house ranting and screeching, vowing never to return or to speak to any of them again.

This time was different though; she struck her mother before she left the house.

She’s had 2 meltdowns which resulted in stays in psych wards. As a family, we’ve always tried to encourage her to seek medical assistance. Now, we are all insisting. She is loved, but she is no longer welcome. At least not until she ‘gets’ that her behavior, perceptions and paranoia is far from normal. She’s adamantly opposed to meds. She insists that when she takes them she can’t think clearly or function properly. We all know that she needs the help of a mental heath professional, but she still thinks we’re wrong.

And so the Bipolar Express has left the station again. We know it’s coming back, we just don’t know its’ schedule.

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  1. Carolynon 05 Jan 2008 at 12:22 pm 1

    I hate hearing stories like that. It didn’t even occur to me that I might be bipolar, and no one had suggested a mental illness to me, and I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 26 and had a huge meltdown wherein I checked myself into the hospital. It is a shame that your niece won’t even consider the possibility, because for me at least, finding the right combo of meds has made an enormous difference in my life, much for the better, and though I hate the fact that I have BD, I am so happy that I did get diagnosed and am being treated.


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