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Feb 18 2008

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Thomas gets his first Award

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img_0003_web.JPGSome of you may recall that my nephew Thomas, twin to Kevin and son to SisterDear3, was accepted into Manville School school in January. Thomas’ diagnosis is PDD/NOS. It had been quite difficult to find a program that was not only a good fit for Thomas but one that also had an opening. His previous placement only reluctantly kept him in due to a “Stay Put” order by the SPED Director.

We were all very excited and relieved when Thomas started at Manville.

Well, when SisterDear3 emptied his backpack last week she found that Thomas had received his very first Award from Manville! What was amazing though was that Thomas did not tear it to bits before arriving home, despite the fact that weather and traffic made his ride home about 2 hours longer than it should be on a normal day and Thomas loves to tear paper almost better than I enjoy a nice glass of wine!

I would be delighted to put the Award up for you all to admire, but unfortunately SisterDear3 is Scanner-Challenged. ;-)

Way to go Thomas!!

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Jan 16 2008

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wut fish?

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Guest Contributor: SisterDear3

On another note, Fisherman Thomas, yes, that is the career of the week, decided that he wanted to put his goldfish ”Dorothy”, in her very own bowl. He also decided that all of Kevin’s fish should live together as a “Family”.

So, somewhere around 3 am, he found another bowl, reached in and fished out poor Dorothy, who safely made it into her very own home. He then took the other two fish from his bowl and attempted to create a fish family for Kevin. I woke up at this point and put him back to bed.

In the morning, Kevin’s large white goldfish “Fred”, was not in the bowl. I asked Thomas where he was, he said, “Is he in the toilet?”

Poor Fred.

Later that day, while I was lying on the couch, Keven bent over and said, “What’s this?” Yes, it was indeed poor Fred. We then gave him a proper goldfish sendoff to fish heaven.

Oh well, I wonder what next weeks career will be?
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Jan 10 2008

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Manville School

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SisterDear3 just got a marvelous phone call! Manville School in Boston, MA would be “delighted” to accept her son Thomas into their program. Manville School is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital and other local colleges and universities. They offer a 1 on 1 program and it is a year-round program, which is really crucial for Thomas.

Thomas is an 8 year old boy who is Autistic (PDD-NOS). He also suffers from severe allergies as well as some other issues. It has been particularly difficult to find a permanent placement that was a good fit for Thomas. In fact, his current school placement has reluctantly kept him only because the SPED director had a ‘Stay-Put’ order put in place.

This is such great news! Yeah, Thomas!

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