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Apr 16 2008

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WW: Gandalf, King of the Woodpile

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Apr 15 2008

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Eating Red Ants

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I’ll miss the good ole days…. Winthrop…….Cottage Park Rd, eating red ants & always in trouble…you were like the older brother I never had…..surely you will be missed…..Cousin Robert

That was an excerpt from one of the entries in The Guestbook at my brother John’s Funeral. There were many heartfelt condolences, and many that made me cry. However, this one stood out for me. I was quite curious to know why 2 young boys would not only eat red ants, but also have fond memories of the experience. So, I called my cousin to ask him about this.

Must. Have. Input.

Robert told me that he, being all of a year younger than John, couldn’t stand up to the pressure John put on him. First John tried to make it sound cool! Ah! A classic approach! When that didn’t work he teased Robert, saying he was a baby, or chicken or words to that effect. In the end Robert totally caved and ate the red ants. Still, he remembers it fondly as part of his childhood memories. Boys are so strange.

So, 40 years later, I’m wondering… who I should feel more sorry for?

  • My brother John, the consummate bully
  • My cousin Robert, the picked on younger kid forced to eat red ants
  • The red ants, snack food

In the end, I think it would have to be the party who ultimately gave it their all… the red ants, of course!

Who would you pick?

Oh, and Robert and The Donald? They’re justlikethis.

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Apr 10 2008

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Mrs Hughes is very funny

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Have you seen Mrs. Hughes yet?


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Apr 02 2008

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Can I have some cheese with that whine?

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I’m giving up on WordPress. 3 Upgrades in 2-1/2 months is more trouble than I’m willing to chew. It totally ate my Cats Blog after 3 attempts at upgrading. This one is still here, but I can’t upload any images. Soooo…

Gandalf & Grayson are up and running on their old blog on blogger.

I’m over there too at my old blog.

Ya’ll come see us!


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