What Are The Most Common Types Of Wine?

There are many types of wine you can find in the market today. Wines are the best drink you can get after a long day at work. A lot of us indulge with wines whenever we are stressed. We also happen to have wine when there are several occasions. To give you more new knowledge about wine, here are the most favourite wines in United States of America:

Different Types Of Wines

For White Wine:

  • Chardonnay. This kind of white wine is special because tastes like yellow citrus. Usually, it is from medium to full bodied. This white wine is also dry. The Chardonnay is also at its best when oaked aged. It has buttery sensation in the mouth.
  • Pinot Grigio. This kind of white wine is pure red that tastes like cherry cranberry. It is dry and light bodied. The Pinot Grigio is harvested in France. It has sweet tannins and high acid. A lot of people who tried this agreed that it tasted like apple or pear.
  • Riesling. This kind of white has the balance of sweet and acidic. It also has honey flavors and minerals. The white wine tastes like citrus. It has high acids and sweets that you will surely love. This white wine has a sweet and sour punch that you can pair with delicious meals.
  • Sauvignon Blanc. This kind of white wine has aggressive citrus taste that is perfect for parties or other high class ceremonies. This white wine is dry and usually harvested in France. It also has a grassy fragrance that is perfect for pairing in seafoods.

For Red Wine:

  • Syrah. This kind of red wine often tastes like blueberry and plum. The Syrah red wine is full-bodied and usually cultivated in France. You will surely adore this kind of red wine because it is blended with Grenache.
  • Pinot Noir. This kind of red wine is dried and light bodied. Like other types of wine, this Pinot Noir is harvested in France. It also has soft tannins but higher acid compared to other brands. The grapes used to cultivate this wine flourish in cold climates.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon. This kind of red wine tastes like black cherry. You can also tastes the cedar in this wine. Cabernet Sauvignon’s grapes are cultivated in Bordeaux area. It has bold tannings that can complement the taste of lamb, beef, and other smoked meats.
  • Malbec. This kind of red wine originated in Argentina. It tastes like black fuits, but the oak is more aggressive. It has nomal flavours of coffee and chocolate. You will surely love this kind of red wine if you are someone who like bold tasting food and drinks.
  • Zinfandel. This kind of red wine has exotic fruits flavoured. It has a style from medium to full-bodied. What’s amazing in this red wine is that you can pair it with various kinds of food.
  • Merlot. This kind of red wine is more fruit forward compared to other red wines. It is zesty, with a twist. You will surely love this red wine because it dominates America like it’s a huge storm.