What Are The Different Types Of Wine Openers?

We all love drinking wine, don’t we? Wine has been here making us endure the best taste. Every occasion, our celebration will not be complete without wine. From red wines, to white wines, rose to sparkling and dessert, wines have been dominating the drink industry. Wines could be identified mainly by the grape selection used to make the wine and the area where the grapes are grown. Wines identified on the basis of grape range are called varietals and those categorized on the basis of area are called by the region itself.

The process of making wine is not that complicated. The process of doing wine can be simple but it takes lots of knowledge. Wine has become the world’s famous drink because of its magical taste. The taste of wine varies depending on how long you stored it. The longer you preserve the wine, the better it will taste. The most complicated process in making a wine is the fermentations as we all know it will be tedious to convert its sweet taste to alcohol. However, the most exciting is opening the wine.

You can open the wine using different types of wine opener. To help you with this, here are the different types of wine you can use:

  1. Twist Corkscrew. The inventor of Twist Corkscrew is Reverend Samuell Henshall. The handle is made easy to twist. It is the simplest of the wine bottle openers. There is a concave disc between the handle and the screw allows the cork to slide out the bottle neck.
  2. Waiter’s Corkscrew. This type of wine opener is known by several names including sommelier knife or wine key. The type of corkscrew has been around since 1882. The handle can come in variety materials like wood, metal or plastic.
  3. Air Pressure Wine Openers. Instead of having a traditional corkscrew, this kind of wine opener may be good for you as it requires you to insert a hollow needle down through the cork. The air pressure wine opener has minimal physical force requirement. It also removes the cork faster than other type of wine opener.
  4. Winged Corkscrew. This kind of wine opener is popular because of its double lever variety which can be traced back to patent H. S. Heely from 1888. The double levers make it simpler and easier to open the wine because it requires less effort.
  5. Electric Wine Openers. This type of wine opener is simple and easy to use. IT involves the corkscrew that will spin around on its own when you press the button. Because of the process, the extraction becomes easy.
  6. Lever Corkscrews. This type of wine opener is often called as the “bunny ears”. The lever system resemble of the long ears of the rabbit. This corkscrew is designed for beginners because of its ease of use.
  7. Air Pump Corkscrew. This is an unusual style of the opener has similarity to the air pressure wine opener. The Air Pump Corkscrew pushes air into the bottle until the cork pops out.

These are just the most common wine opener. The 7 corkscrews are done to help people enjoy wine. What about you, which one do you prefer to use?